Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Why getting ahead early is so important for SEO

Ben Hook is a search engine marketer and editor of Algobreaker, a site that provides SEO tips and online marketing advice

A lot of people or businesses are hesitant when it comes to SEO as a form of marketing. The practice can seem at times confusing, unrewarding and perhaps unnecessary, but without giving some real thought, and understanding the benefits it can bring to your business you may be missing out.

There are major advantages to getting ahead of the competition early on when it comes to SEO, and once youre ahead of the competition it becomes a lot easier to stay there. Below are some of the main reasons why having an advantage can make life easier in the future, and how the saying "success breeds success" is very true in the field of SEO.

The value of aged links

Links are important for SEO, they are seen as votes for your website and they pass on value to increase the importance of the page being linked to. Generally speaking, the harder a link is to get, the more value it passes on. High value links also tend to not be removed or edited too often. One of the factors the search engines look at when valuing links is their age. Older, well-established links are often seen as authoritative and trustworthy. By starting a link building campaign early on you already have an advantage over you competitors, as well aged and trusted links can be extremely powerful when it comes to ranking.

Increase your online exposure

Applying the success breeds success theory again, being number one for relevant keywords can give you a major advantage when it comes to attracting links naturally with no effort required. Say for example your own a car dealership, and someone in your area is putting together a list of the best car dealerships locally. When they are doing their research the chances are they will search online for the local car dealerships and use this as part of their research when putting the list together.

Being listed number one on the search engine results page can help to increase trust in your brand and has in this case exposed your business to a reference that it may not have got by being on page two of three. This in turn leads to more references and links helping you to secure your position.

Increase your authority

Ranking number one for your target keywords will help to increase the users perceived trust in you and your brand which will help to increase how authoritative your business appears. This is a great situation to be in because it gives you a much better platform to leverage any content you may create and publish online.

Search engines really do work favorably towards older, trusted sites, and starting early can ensure you get ahead of the competition, and stay there.


  1. I always pre launch my sites with on site seo carried out such as meta, h tags, image alts etc and then a small piece of keyword rich content. Once indexed by google i then develop the site to it's full extent.

  2. Linking from one page of your website to other pages on your website is very valuable. You may already be doing this to some extent as a way of making the site easy to navigate, but try to connect more content together whenever possible. These links help the reader, but they also show the search engines that your website is one cohesive unit and is not a content farm on millions of different subjects.