Friday, 5 November 2010

Your .uk Domain & Nominate

What is Nominet?

Nominate is an internet registry for .ukdomain such as,, they manage the ownership of your .uk domain names. When you register a .uk domain name your domain your details get passed to nominate to get registered and for your domain to be allocated to you as an owner of the domain name

Why do I need to know about Nominet?

If your running an online site which ends in .uk you need to ensure that your details are up to date at all times, in case you are selling your site to someone else, or you have moved business premises, in such instances your data should be upto date to avoid any complications on who owns your domain name. The data stored of Nominate for you .uk domain name is the same data that you will see when you do a WHOIS search on a domain name. Once you have access to your Nomiate account, you will also have access to

  •  Download a registration certificate

  •  Transfer a domain name to a new registrant

  •  Change your registrar

  •   Cancel a domain name

  •  And check your details are up to date

To update your details can be quite straight forward at times though your hosting control panel, but not all hosting companies offer this service, in which case you may need to contact Nominet directly to update your details.

How to access my Nomiate account and update My details?

1)     Go to

2)     For first time users enter your email address in the box provided (the email address that you registered your domain with, if you don't know your email address or have forgotten, contact your registrar to request them to update your email address.

3)     Once you have logged in select the service you require eg:

                     a)     Updating domain details

                     b)    Registrant transfer

                    c)     Printing Domain Ownership Certificate…etc

4)     Once you have completed your update, you will receive a confirmation of your request.

For more information about the registrants Online Services please go to our web site at

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