Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Drupal: Ubercart and Druapl E-commerce Comparison

Setting up e-commerce sites to support concrete stores is now a trend in the market. The number of conversions from common websites into online shopping sites is also increasing. These changes attract more business owners and developers to find easier ways in establishing e-commerce sites with available essential features such as shopping elements that will give great experience to customers. 

The flow of shopping transactions is very crucial to businesses. This must be set up well to prevent loss of sales, to keep loyal customers and to lessen billing issues. The adjustments must also be always obtainable for the convenience of the customers and shop owners. 

Drupal is one of many popular open source CMS platforms that provides relieves to so many web developers and businesses.  This is a powerful tool in establishing an e-commerce site that can easily be modified and with strong shopping attributes.

There are two available shopping cart modules for Drupal, Ubercart and Drupal e-commerce . We will discuss their attributes and features for you to decide which module you would prefer for your Druapl site. Druapl E-commerce Comparison

1.    User interface and product displays. Ubercart already has an awesome product display and has several modules to enhance the view including selected jquery functions.

On the other hand, e-commerce has a basic shopping view, however its flexibility allows the developers to create creative product displays. Yet, it requires higher developer knowledge and little patience to do customizations.

2.    Billing.Checkout wise, both accept wide range of payment gateways. Functionality wise, unlike Drupal e-commerce, Donations and Auctions are not available on Ubercart but it has modules for recurring fees that are not specified in Ecommerce. Both have weaknesses and strengths, in the billing attribute.

3.    Store management. Ubercart has friendly admin interface compare to Drupal e-commerce, however, the Druapl e-commerce is more flexible in modifications since Ubercart is more of a built in interface.

4.    Customer Notifications. Both have several options to use for customer notifications, so that the customer is updated with their purchases.

5.    Inventory. Ubercart has a stock module to track inventory while Drupal e-commerce can track inventory by putting specific tags on products.

6.    Community. Ubercart has an active community group via ubercart.org and as per some user feedbacks; they have helpful supports that answer questions in short period of time. They also have customized forum and issue trackers available on site.

On the other hand, Drupal e-commerce has available documentations online yet they have no active community like forums or issue trackers. The only community they have is the forum on drupal modules.

7.    Development. Ubercart has continuous developments and active announcements of possible updates while there are no notifications yet of new versions for Drupal e-commerce.

Above are just some characteristic comparisons between Ubercart and Drupal e-commerce. If you are building an easy to build shopping site on Drupal platform that does not require higher coding knowledge, Ubercart would be my recommendation, if your looking for something that you can customize and change to meet your needs Drupal e-commerce would be better. 



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