Thursday, 23 December 2010

Factors Determining Your Twitter Authority

As the Social Link Graph is getting more and more linked  to SERPs for search engine presence,  the Facebook likes and Twitter parameters need to be given  an analytical look to understand and gear the social media presence in the right direction.

As we all know the PageRank determines the popularity of the website and gives importance to authority links . Similarly, the authority social media accounts can influence the social link graph positively. For obvious reasons if an experienced and authority social media account likes or retweets or recommends your blog post then it goes without saying the contents of the blog post surely gets read by many.

But the main question  is : When can a twitter account be called an authority account?

The main Twitter metrics which matter are:

Twitter Metrics

1)     The Timeline:By the timeline I mean the Tweets themselves. If your tweets are focused on the topic or the industry that you are associated with or want to get associated with then the subject matter of the tweets should be focused on that. If the tweets have links then along with your views and ideas the relevant links also get associated and if they get a boost from the other parameters then they also get the necessary push and popularity.

2)     The Retweets:If more and more people are retweeting your tweets that means that people want to share what you say as they find it valuable. Hence the retweet ratio is like a vote for what you link to or say.

3)     The Mentions:Just like the retweet ratio, the no. of mentions reflect that people are directly conversing with you or replying to you denoting  the engagement level.

4)     The Lists:When people start adding you to their lists which they want to regularly follow and read what they have to say then it adds another feather in the cap but again the lists should be topical and industry specific to add more value.

5)     The Favorites:When people start  adding  your tweets to their favorites that signifies that people want to make a note of what you want to say and that again states its importance.

6)     The Followers:The no. of followers are important too but if the followers are again from the related industry and are interested interacting and communicating with you then it adds more value. So, here also the quality precedes quantity.

All the parameters put together will in the long run determine the Twitter Authority of the account  which in the long run will have an impact on your overall search engine presence and web presence as all this  determine your online social reputation.  


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