Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Link Building: Quality Links vs. Quantity Links

When we say online marketing, we say SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The purpose of SEO is to top the search engine rankings and drive visitors to your websites. One of the most used SEO activities is the link building submissions.

Link building is simply creating back links to relevant websites that will direct to your own site. Every links you have online is an acknowledgement of the genuineness and significance of your website.  The more link backs from quality websites to yours, the more brownie points your website earns in the eyes of search engines.

Quantity of links is no doubt a help to promote your site. The search engines determine your rankings by counting the number of back links you have. However, there are limitations of the number of links that a website must have in a month. By going over board and trying to acquire as many back links to your site from all various websites may hurt your site rather then give it benefit, and at times you can even get banned from search results. Also, poor links like those from spam directories may tag your site as spam and again have a negative effect. Therefore the qualityof links is always better than the quantity of links.

2 quick tips to look for when link building:

Relevance- look for links from relevant websites or those that have high authority on search engines.

Domain, Look for link backs from domains that have been registered for a while, and are trustworthy, they have built up their credibility in search engines.

There are many link building services available online, normally the price is high and many of the times its an automated computer that does the work, which resorts in low quality links. However, many clients are not aware that subscribing to too many link building solutions online may harm their website reputations; some normally pay higher for more links without assuring if those links are quality links. Link building has to be done carefully and it doesn’t matter if you have less link backs to your site, you’d rather have less Good QualityLinks which are of value to your site instead of more low quality links which have no value to your site.



It’s okay to have less links to your site as long as they are quality links.

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