Friday, 10 December 2010

SEO And Social Media Supplement Each Other

SEO as we all know Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of making the website rank as high as possible on the search engines for the relevant keywords. Social Media is a platform where people converse, share and post news and views.

Last week Bing and Google both have confirmed that that social and search are integrated and social media posts and content do influence the rankings of a given URL which is being retweeted, liked or shared.

We all know that content is the main on-page aspect on which SEOs focus on. As every one is focusing on content and more and more site with quality content are being indexed, there has to be a silver lining which should make one content shine more and become more important than the other to make it more SERP worthy (if I may say).

Search engines have always given importance to popularity and content which goes viral and that is why link building as an industry got its so-called existence and origin. But, as we all know that only getting links is not sufficient. It is more important to get topical, relevant and valuable and authority sites linking to the concerned URL.

Social media is the platform which helps in reaching out to more and helping the URL go viral. The readers make the content go viral and by liking and sharing the post or tweet they also confirm the value of the content and add SEO value in the bargain.

Social media and the social link graph also helps in establishing an online brand and also an online reputation. The overall aura of the social media presence enhances the reputation of the relevant social media account. Every word and title framed and shared on Twitter or Facebook or for that matter any other platform says a lot about the culture, attitude and the thought process of the person or the company in concern and thereby creates and carve an online image in the minds of the people.

Hence. Social media supplements adds value to the SEO as well as the online presence of your business and personal persona. Social media and SEO have to go hand in hand rather and supplement each other rather than compete with each other and adds the much needed silver lining to the content being shared.

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