Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Take Advantage of Video Advertising Online

Dynamic changes on the internet are becoming more and more intermit. From reading plain emails, news or information online, viewers are growing to sharing blogs, photos and videos online via social networks and multimedia websites. These web revolutions open doors to crucial creativity of advertisers. Advertising is a big business online, and one has many options to choose from and methods. You can sell your services via your own adverts that you put out on your own site and on other websites, or you can join an affiliate scheme to promote your business, and at the same time you also have the option of e-mail marketing to send out your message direct into inboxes. Video Marketing

As more and more users are viewing and sharing videos online via Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and many other social networking sites, this has given business an opportunity to tap into video marketing and to really take advantages of video sharing online. The users are there already using and sharing videos, a business owner just needs to create a video, submit it to YouTube, and share it in all the networking sites, and before they know it, there video has gone viral, and they have xx amount of viewers watching their cool video presentation, message, or advert.

Business are delivering marketing messages by quickly recording a video, and embedding the video in to their websites to enhance the user experience and also to give a more personal touch to the visitors. The videos don’t just need to be embedding into their own sites, they can ask other websites, blogs, forums to embed their video message to generate more awareness for the business. By using videos to market and build your awareness, this doesn’t necessary guarantee more sales, but for sure it will attract more visitors to your site and build your brand awareness, which then you just need to work on your conversion.

Advertisement categories ranges from simple texts, banners and then to videos. Right now, advertising through videos is a challenge to some, as it involves stepping out of your comfort zone to record and really give a true image and impression of your business online. Many businesses are subscribing to advertising on videos because they see big numbers of people accepting videos rather then the traditional text or banner advert.

Ways & Benefits of Video Adverts

 Message: By using a video to advertise your product and services, you can give a clear impression of what your product and service is all about, as many of the times words can give a better impression then text. Hence you can give a little 30 seconds message about your business in a video advert.

Demonstrate: Something that your visitors would like to see, especially for e-commence sites, you can demonstrate how your product looks, feels, assuring your visitor that they will not go wrong with buying your product.

Interact: You can interact more using a video, and give a more personal experience to your customers, as they will see you and your business in the Video, they will feel more comfortable in dealing with you. Rather then dealing with someone that they have not seen or heard

Assure: You can stamp each of your services with an assurance to your customers by using a video to convince the customer and give customer the extra guarantee.

Sales Pitch: You can use a Video to close those sales, that the customer might not yet have made their mind up, but just need a little bit of convincing, and by you having a video that they can see, it will convince them and encourage them.

Testimonials: Many business record their customers feedbacks and testimonials on a Video, which works out to be extremely powerful as a marketing tool. As your customers get to hear and see what others are saying about your business. - My Personal recommendation and a must to really give out a true message.

About your company: You can record a video to be displayed on your About Us page, giving an insight to your organisation, warehouse, offices, so that when visitors read your About Us page, they can also see your business, and your offices.

Cost Effective: Setting up and recording a video, does not require high class studios and equipment, it can be done using many of the equipments you have already, such as, Webcams, Digital Camera, Video Camera, Mobile Phone Cameras. All of these will record a video for you which you can submit and share online.

SEO Advantage: Many of the times, search results display videos from YouTube at the top of search results for searches to view. When you submit a Video, enter your targeted keywords, and tags in the description area, so when someone searches for something related to your Video, you have a chance of your Video being displayed at the top of search results.

There are many ways one can use Videos to promote their business, at end as it gives a better user experience and portrays your message in a more clear way.

How do you use Videos in your organisation, share your ideas below.

Image courtsey of bareknuckleyellow's photostream under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 generic license.

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