Wednesday, 26 January 2011

4 Things To Focus On In 2011

There a lot of things that people have been doing wrong from an SEO perspective. With 2011 already here, I want to give some guidelines to all the confused people out there and help them get much better rankings and make the new year more successful than the old one. See what some of the things you should focus on more during this year are.

1.       Minimize the amount of image links. I know the images are pretty, but the thing is that search engines can’t see them. So try to avoid using a lot of image links in your web pages and stick to text. However, I know you can’t only use text for your website and you will have to use images here and there. In that case, optimize the images. Use the alt tag to write a short description of the picture, the file name should also be descriptive and the text around the image is also considered to be a description by the search engines.

2.       Get quality links. Links from other website that lead to yours (external links) are exactly like votes that the search engines use to see if your website is legit. A quality link is a link from reputable websites with a high PageRank. Also, a link from a website that has similar content to yours is considered to be a quality link. A very helpful advice is to try and get links from .org and .edu domains since they are more respected by the search engines.

3.       Avoid FLASH websites. If your website is a Flash one, it will be pretty much left behind by the search engines because they simply can’t read Flash. That kind of websites look amazing but you can’t do almost any type of optimization with them. A great idea is to include a link to an HTML version of this site. That way you will be able to do all the optimization you want.

4.       Footer description can be helpful. It is very important to include some links or even plain text in the footer of your website. That way you will increase the keyword density and this is something crawlers will notice for sure. However, a common mistake people make is to overdo the text or links in the footer. It is tempting to use it to increase the keyword density but try not to use too much text, links and keywords. It is a good idea to make your Title Tag shorter and use the part that you erased in the footer.

If you follow these simple 4 tips, you will enjoy better results very soon. Search engine optimization is not always easy but if you do everything the right way you will see that it is worth the time.

From my personal experience, I recommend following those 4 tips if you want more traffic with search engine optimization (since I am working for a Danish company, the people there commonly refer to it as Mere trafik med søgemaskine optimering).

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