Thursday, 20 January 2011

Recommended Social Media Widgets

Million users everyday are actively interacting on facebook, twitter, myspace and other social network sites. These are the biggest avenues in connecting to people, share some thoughts and express ideas.

Easy sharing and promoting to these social network sites directly from a website brought the emergence of social media widgets. These tools are also big aids to marketing and SEO specialists for online promotion activities.

Below are some of the recommended and mostly used widgets that I find are used by many businesses online. Every new site that Alrayes Web Solution develops, one the below features are always in the requirements.

  1. Facebook Social Plugins. We all know that facebook is the most popular and trending social network site nowadays. Having facebook share and like buttons has been helpful and essential to many, not only in writing industries but in other sectors. There are also other plugins that you may use such as Activity Feed, Recommendation, Login Button, Facepile, Livestream and Comments. To see and get from this list of plugins, edit your page, go to marketing tab and select “Add Like Box to Your Website”.

  1. Twitter Applications. Tweet button is the most popular twitter application. This is also the only direct application that you may get from their official website, hence there are several developed twitter applications available online like TweetMap, TweetMeme, TweetLonger, TwitterSplit and so much more.

  1. Web Syndication Widgets. RSS(Really Simple Syndication) button is an application that provides information of the summary of contents or latest activities of a web page. This is very useful if you want to be always updated with the latest activities of a website, this is normally available to news and blog sites.

     There are several sites that offer RSS creation and some web builder tools such as drupal and ning already have this available for users.

  1. All in One Sharing Tools. Aside from facebook and twitter, it is also a big impact to your popularity if you will be able to connect to people from other networking sites like Bebo, Orkut, StumbleUpon and Digg. All in one sharing tools like Add It and Share It can help your visitors share your page to most of these popular networking sites. 

  1. Tracking Map Widgets. These widgets are very helpful to learn which places are more actively visiting your website. Some applications like even display real time updates, counters and per page activities of the users.

Above are just some of the most useful and popular widgets that you may use to your site especially if you are a blogger. You can also use Statistics Widgets to count the number of pageviews or unique visits in the site; Multi-Media Widgets for radio, mp3 and video streaming that may greatly enhance your visitors’ experiences; Poll and Survey Widgets for your data researches,  and a lot more.

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  1. The social media widgets are really helpful to manage and share our status or any of our update in our friends network. It's like connecting bridge between all the networks.
    Thanks for the post.. :)