Monday, 10 January 2011

The Emergence and Significance of Mobile Commerce

The emergence of wireless technology created a rapid boost in the growth of some commerce businesses. Its brilliant development provided a stronger connection between businesses and their target markets; and many businesses are continuously taking chances with this opportunity.  Mobile CommerceIn today’s world, a mobile device as wireless technology is already a necessity to many. That is, making businesses and connecting to people via mobile applications is a winning option, and this potential makes ways to the emergence of mobile commerce or so called mcommerce.

What is MCommerce?

Making business transactions through mobile devices is called Mobile Commerce or MCommerce. Buying, selling, transfer of information and more can be done using mobile devices through MCommerce.

Existing MCommerce Services

  1. Mobile Banking

 Some financial institutions like banks found expansions through mobile banking. Account holders can have the access to their information like current balance. They can also do banking transactions like deposit, withdrawal, transfer of balance and making purchases charged directly to their account. No need to open a computer for ebanking or drive a few blocks to talk to a teller.

  1. Location Trackers

 Per location mcommerce like maps, weather and tracking tools can be very helpful to us. These services are usually already part of the mobile applications as we buy the devices.

  1. Variety of News

 Information access mcommerce like news feeds and trivia are also already part of services offered by our mobile device networks. Our mobiles can be our newspapers or magazines daily.

  1. Mobile Shopping

 Shopping online can also be done using mobile devices. Purchasing transactions can be done through mobile banking or via using the current load balance of your account in your network.

  1. Ticketing

 Buying ticket online is very convenient, much more if done through mobile. Anywhere you are, without opening a personal computer or laptops, you can buy tickets you want through ticketing mcommerce.

  1. Media Downloads

 Media downloads is one of the most popular use of mcommerce. Users can share or buy mp3s and mp4s through mobile.

Despite the display limitations and theft attractions of mobile devices, undeniable that most of us cannot live without them. That is, setting up your businesses on mobile devices is still a smart step.

Above are just some of those brilliant mcommerce developments done. There are still other services and more mcommerce being developed for the convenience of the people and opportunities for businessmen, more to look forward to in the future of mcommerce.

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