Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What Hosting Service Suits You?

There are great numbers of users who already own websites. Some set up just for luxury or just to create online networks and others for businesses. With whatever reason an owner has, having a website is already a trend and a necessity to several businesses. It has been the gateway of many visitors to inquire and know more about an individual, an organization or the services being offered by a business.

A website can be structured into different layout and functionalities, and choosing the right web hosting to suit its requirements is vital. Below are the different types of web hosting to check and decide which one will suite your website best. 

Free Hosting

As the name states, it is indeed free. However, you do not own the domain, scripts, database, bandwidths, security and control panel features are limited. Some free hosting also put advertisements on to your site. Now if your seriously setting up an online business is this something you want?

The idea of free hosting is like the domain setup of some blogging sites like Multiply and Blogger. If you create a blog account named “test” in multiply, you will be provided with a domain “”. Likewise with free hosting. If your free hosting is and you created an account named “test”, you will be given a domain “”, in this case, the domain name is still under the ownership of the hosting provider. The domain set up is the same, hence with free hosting, you can layout and code your website the way you want from raw, however in limited codes.

This hosting is good for those who just want a website for luxury or and more of a personal use.

Shared Hosting

If you want to host your own domain at cheap price, getting a Shared Hosting is the practical option.

Shared Hosting allows you to host your own domains and manage them. Based on offered plans, this hosting has restricted space, bandwidths and database, some scripts are also not allowed. Internet connectivity may also be interrupted as different domains are hosted on the same server.

This hosting is good for those who want to set up websites with domains under their brand names. This can also be good for those small e-commerce and dynamic websites as you can create databases. Some shared hosting are also offering their plans with website builder tools and other helpful hosting tools, which makes it easier for users to setup their online website.

Shared hosting is probably the most used type of hosting service on the web, used by many online business, bloggers, and even corporate originations, as it gives you full control of how to mange your website. You can upload and download files using your own FTP, setup your own domain email accounts and some also come with their own ready made scripts designed for the server. If your new online and looking to setup a professional web presence, shared hosting is a good place to start.

Reseller Hosting

If you are an entrepreneur and want to set up a hosting company, getting a reseller hosting is an ideal start up. This hosting allows you to sell domain names and hosting plans under your brand name. Some providers are also offering technical supports for subscribers of reseller plans. Reseller hosting options is similar to shared hosting, as your clients will be sharing your reseller hosting account, but it is branded and white labeled under your own company name.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting allows you to rent the whole server for your self, without sharing with any other sites, also giving you advance features and technologies for your server. This is ideal for big websites, large e-commerce sites and other websites with high daily traffics.
Dedicated server allows you to customize the server how you want it, as if it was your own hardware, this is also good for websites that are using special scripts or software.

Websites hosted in dedicated hosting can download and connect faster as they are not sharing with other sites. You can also set up your own Reseller Hosting company with Dedicated Hosting, some providers offer control panels for resellers.

Collocated Hosting

If you want the full control of the server configuration including the hardware, you may get a Collocated Hosting. This hosting is ideal for those who want to set up their own Data Centers, put the servers at the locations they want and configure the physical networks connected to the servers.

Unlike Dedicated Hosting that only rents, the server will be under your assets since you will purchase the physical server, this can work out costly as you will need to ensure that the server is active at your premises all the time, and allocate a space to it.

Quick Guide:

Free Hosting: For Personal use
Shared Hosting: For new startup companies, SME’s and general website owners
Resellers: For those looking to sell hosting space and server space as a source of income
Dedicated Server: For large sites that require their own space, and need to load faster due to high traffic

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