Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Comparing SVG to Flash

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a very powerful graphic format running in pure XML (Extensible Markup Language). It is a W3 Consortium recommended, which means, it follows the browser standards. The main advantage of SVG over jpg, gif or png is that it is editable through codes, higher resolutions and more advanced in animations.

The main competition of SVG is Flash and Silverlight. Flash from Macromedia (Adobe) and Silverlight from Microsoft. Since Microsoft usually has their own standards, we will only compare SVG and Flash.

In popularity, Flash is far more famous than SVG. Most of us do not know SVG, even the graphic designers. First maybe because when we first came across flash we were able to manipulate images well. Second, XML is not popular for graphics coding and third, there are more developments done in php, asp and other languages.   These languages have given us enough to suit us.

The lack of its developments and the satisfactions that flash and other languages have given us prevent the fame of SVG.

Flash can do quite a lot, it is powerful and amazing. Those who are familiar with XML and SVG are stating that SVG is the future. Why ask for more if we are comfortable the current technology? This is due to those few geniuses who are not pleased without carrying out more researches, developments and inventions; and when these technology reaches the market, users like us become dependent on to the convenience that these innovations can provide and the process goes on.

Recently, when SVG was recommended by W3C, it created a conversation trend to some coders, a possible threat to its competitions and a new medium for new developments. Flash may not be threatened at all as it already has a strong foundation, deep in the internet. However, it will be helpful to see how far SVG can go by comparing it to Flash.

We will not say that it will surpass Flash, we will only compare and see how far SVG development will go in terms of web growths and what possible developments can flash do to maintain it’s current status. See some comparisons below:




Quality of Resolutions

Higher than jpeg, gif and png

Depends on the quality of library files used, assets are usually converted to smooth png


Lower than jpeg, gif and png

Depends on files used in the library but it is normally in high file size.

Plugin Requirements

Usually no plugin requirements as it is text-based and media application independent file

Requires Adobe Flash, the net world accepted this requirement already, however you might have display issues if your flash player is not updated.

Standard Compliance



Nature of Coding



Editor Platform

Graphic tools such as Corel, Illustrator or Editor tools such as notepad or Dreamweaver

Adobe or Macromedia Flash

Cost Effective

Unless you choose to use applications like Dreamweaver or Illustrator or Corel, it will not cost you

Required Application Tools, that is required to purchase the application license

Support Availability


Since Flash is commercialize and already established, there are so many communities and supports available online

If you are a flash fan, you might try SVG and see how it works with you. Despite that there are only few supports available for SVG, the internet is already a big community to ask. You may also want to be part of those who contribute with its developments, you never know, SVG can be the future.

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