Friday, 18 February 2011

Get Active with Social Media Even More

We are constantly looking for new updates and tips that we can pass on over to you. Today's is about getting more interactive with Social Media. As Google earlier this week has announced that they will be integrating Twitter into their search on the main page.

Before Twitter results were being shared under live updates, on Google, as from this week, Google is updating all their algorithms to fully integrate Social Media links, and improve users search experience.Every business now has Facebook and Twitter account already set up, but need to get more active with them.

I would recommend to to keep these accounts updated by regularly posting messages with links to websites, that are relevant to your business. Social media is about sharing, so if you have come across a website, article, image, news...etc that you have found interesting share it on Twitter & Facebook. Most websites and news related articles have sharing options available, such as this article, you can see on the right hand side are quick links to share this with others.

Where to find information to share:

- News websites
- Google
- Alerts,
- Other websites in your industry
- Friends and Network circle
- Subscribe to blogs in your industry

The information you share on networking sites will help in making your presence known on the world wide web. You can share anything you prefer, if you keep it related to your business, you will attract good followers and benefit more.
Read the latest update on the Google Blog. and view the video.

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