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Recommend Blogging Tools

The internet is growing very fast as more and more people are getting dependent to online services; promoting businesses, searching the net, chatting, blogging, gaming and different kinds of social networking activities.

People are creating their own world through the net; they share status, post pictures, put videos and create articles. In short, they blog.

Blogging is the manner of posting commentaries, writings, media files and sharing activities consolidated in a website and arranged in a certain chronological manner like “Book Navigation” or “Recent Posts”.

With the imagination and creativity of business minds, most bloggers are now making money. Hence, this is not as easy as just to know how to write and post despite, even if you know how to write well.  Millions or even billions out there know how to write well but part of smart blogging is choosing the right tools and efficiently using them.

In connection, below are some suggested blogging tools that you may want to try and see if they will work well and make your life easier as a blogger.

1. Blogging Platform

    1. Wordpress – The mostly used platform for blogging.

    2. MoveableType – Used mostly by top blog sites.

    3. Blogger (Blogspot) – Blogsite powered by Google.

    4. Joomla – It has various available designs. Try Joomla if the blogger requires more dynamic functionalities Admin backend is also very user friendly, best for News or Journalist sites.

    5. Drupal – If the blogger is more inclined in ecommerce, programming and want to put other functionalities in their controls, they may choose Drupal. 

  1. Sharing Tools

    1. FeedBurner for RSS – Feedburner is one of those popular subscribe to RSS tool, it also has statistics tracker.

    2. Share This or Add This – Both are all in one sharing tools

    3. Other social network buttons such as Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon – sometimes putting more visible buttons other than Share This or Add This can help you entice your readers to share your blog.

  1. Monitoring Statistics Tools

    1. Google Analytics or Alexa – Impressions, page visits and more.

    2. Statcounter – This tool provides widgets for your site to view number of page visits.  It also provides a map visit to track current online users per location.

  2. Monetization

    1. Google Adsense – you can advertise via domains, feeds, contents or custom search engines.

    2. Shopzilla ads for shopping items

    3. Chitika – like Google Adsense except their ads are not contextual.

    4. Amazon an another shopping ads

 Above are just some recommended blogging tools, there are still more online that you may try or ask an another blogger friend. Just a risk of spending some time to keep your blog site on top for a long time.

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