Friday, 4 February 2011

Twitter Helps for Online Business

There are some doubts on whether twitter helps SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as links posted in it are “nofollow”; which means search engines will just ignore them. Hence there are still a huge number of businesses spending time to market through twitter promotions. This might be because they are not aware that social network has “nofollow” links or that they have been creative enough and have observed its effectiveness.

If SEO is very essential in online marketing, does tweeting business promotions on twitter a waste of time? The answer is no. Just do the right way of building your networks and using twitter can be an effective marketing technique for you.

There are advises that we might consider in setting up and maintaining a twitter network. See some tips below:

  1. Username must compliment with your brand name. Your twitter username must compliment with your brand name as this will be what will appear with your twitter link, retweets and mention activities.

    For example, if your company name is “bpp network”, you can have “bppnetwork” as your twitter username. Your twitter link will be; and when someone mention you or retweets your post, it will appear like “@bppnetwork message here”. In this way, as you interact with twitter users, you’re also promoting and making a trend of your brand name.

  1. Maximize your twitter bio contents. On your twitter profile setting, there is a bio field where you can put contents about your company. 

  1. Leave links to your corporate site. Despite that twitter has “nofollow” URLs. Leaving or posting links directing to your corporate site may help. Your posted links will be seen by people who follow you and will have chances to be visited.

  1. Interact with others, be creative with your posts and always mention your twitter username. People come to social networks to build relationships. That is, to create your growing twitter network, you need to interact with others, give comments, suggest information, answer their questions, follow them, retweet their posts or mention them. You have to be creative also with your posts, make the contents relevant and rich in keywords.

    For example, if your company “ppbnetwork” is promoting “outsourcing” keyword, you can post promotions something like “Know more about outsourcing @ppbnetwork”

  1. Set up your own blog, write articles and post them to your twitter. Having your own blog page in your site is a big advantage for SEO. You will have more relevant contents under your domain name. Everytime you create new article, you can promote them to twitter. Despite that there are many relevant articles from other blog sites, it always better to direct your followers to your own website. 

  1. Put twitter button on your site. Another help to increase members on your twitter network is by using buttons like “Tweet This” or “Follow Us On Twitter” buttons. With this, you can attract your website visitors to spread your pages to their twitter networks.

Despite that you will not be able to leave relevant links to social networks like twitter due to URL follow restriction; it is still a fact that billions of people are always active on these websites, and maximizing this opportunity to connect with massive number of people is a great advantage for businesses.

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  1. very helpful article, twitter is now visible in google, more it become stronger for business

  2. Yeah Twitter is seen in Google, they said a while ago that they take into account how many re-tweets an article gets etc.. It will be quite complex, so I'm unsure of all the details.

    Thanks for the tips though :)!

  3. Yes Social Media Presence does help in ranking your sites well in search results.
    Your welcome Simon