Monday, 7 March 2011

3D Web Standard on Bandwagon

Last year, Mozilla, Google, Khronos and other big developer groups opened their doors to 3D Web standards.  Development tests and Browser plug-in were made, but despite that, 3D for web standard is not fully introduced to laymen users.

On the other hand, if SVG and HTML 5 where recently recommended by W3 Consortium, 3D Web standard is not too far now to be a reality in the internet world.

3D web standard is set to be developed for web platforms to run 3D objects. Users might have no issue with this bandwagon except maybe for additional costs. As long as they can use the device or web tool well, they are fine.  However, with the fast approach and developments of 3D objects, having a 3D web standard can be of great future need.

If 3D playing on web and mobiles gets widely used, then it is going to become a must requirement, and this idea is to prevent future repetition of 3D work and convenience for playing 3D objects.

Why 3D Web Standard

  1. Bring the reality on web. We are all aware that technology is rapidly making our mind fantasies into realities. This is the same with web displays and process. As billion users are actively on the web, providing 3D views and animations enhances their experiences by giving them sights that are not too far from reality. Several web games and videos are now made via 3D standard and we can see that every angle is as near as the real objects we see, creating more effects to human minds and emotions.

  2. Just in time. Games and other mobile applications are now in 3D. They are also increasing numbers of 3D objects and applications being embed on the web via javascripts or canvas. Since users are ready for these 3D amazements, it is just the right time that web developers should be prepared for this.

    3D web standard is to bring these 3D games and APIs such as maps and chats to the web much easier and more conveniently to load and without plugin installations. If we observe certain 3D web maps, houses and landmarks, these are already being viewed in more details.

  3. Be part of the ride. If Google as the top search engine and Mozilla as the top web browser are opening doors to these 3D developments, then why not ride and be part of their bandwagon? Whether we want the changes or not, but these big brands are already part of the bandwagon for our daily internet surfing, and before we know it we will find ourselves riding with them.

3D developments is bringing  us near to the real things and the web is providing us with so much convenience in our daily living, that it’s  just a good enough reason to give way to the creation of 3D web standard.

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