Thursday, 3 March 2011

5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Blog

Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into writing an interesting, captivating blog post, it ends up languishing there unread and unappreciated. Part of the reason for this lack of attention from your readers could be that you didn’t put enough spice into it.

Sometimes readers need to be enticed to read what you’ve written. Remember, these are busy people. They have other sites grabbing their attention and other distractions to deal with.

This is where it’s your job to find ways to introduce more captivating elements to your blog that help grab attention and make it seem logical that people visiting will want to stay and read more.

Here are some tips to help you spice up your blog posts:

Beef Up That Title

The title of your blog post is the very first thing your blog’s readers will glance at. If it doesn’t grab them right away, they’re unlikely to keep reading. Think of ways to add an element of interest to your titles that will leave readers with no choice but to read on to learn more.

Set the Scene and Create the Mood

Break up your text with images that can enhance your post. Far too many bloggers assume that the words they write will be enough to keep readers on the site. Yet images truly are eye-catching. They can help to illustrate your point, or enhance the tone of your post.

A long post can be broken up by several images, illustrations or graphics to help you make your point. This also helps to break up large chunks of text.

Problem Solving

The blog posts you write shouldn’t just try to give out valuable information – although you should still include this. They also need to address a problem your readers need to have solved.

No matter what niche your blog is about, they will have a common set of problems and worries that they want solved. Use these to create interesting posts that not only help them solve those problems, but also offer valid, interesting information at the same time.

Make Your Readers React

Any blog post that can make a reader react is doing its job. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start posting controversial angry rants in order to get people’s hackles up.

Rather, think about some ways you can get your readers to react to a particular problem you’re posing. How would you react if this post asked you to think about the most interesting blog you’ve ever visited that you just had to read from beginning to end? You probably stopped reading for a moment there to think about it, but it’s a reaction just the same.

Find ways to encourage thoughtful reactions from your readers and share their opinions. This actively engages them with your work.
Who Said That?

When you find a great quote or saying or sentence that really strikes a chord in you, keep it and share it with your readers. Quotes from other bloggers can also be a great way to back up your own opinions or ideas, especially when they confirm to your readers what you’ve been saying all along.

Interesting sayings or famous quotes can also be a way to illustrate the point of your blog post. They’re also ideal for breaking up big chunks of text, making it easier on your reader’s eyes.

So, now you have some ways to add a little extra spice to your blog posts. Put a few of these tips to good use on your own blog and you should see an increase in the number of visitors sticking around to find out more.

This was a guest post by Lior who is a marketing consultant to Kitchen Stools Direct , a bar stools & kitchen stools online store.

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