Friday, 18 March 2011

Blogging for Online Promotions

Blogs are now the main source of information online. Whether the writer is credible or not, some researches, school assignments and published articles are based on blogs. They are rich with contents and are great contributions to the World Wide Web.

Blogs are not only for writers to gain profits online but indeed good choice to promote and increase connections online. There are already so many existing blogs and having one for a website is nowadays a priority option like putting Facebook Like and Twitter Button.

In connection, there are many advantages that blogs can do to promote a certain brand.

  1. Pitch Page

Blogs are usually the pitch places of corporate websites to interact with their clients, to provide supports, announce new events and to post current promotions. Companies can also harvest emails for their marketing promotions from blogsites via feed subscriptions.

Blogs can also open doors for your visitors to add contents to your site via comments. Hence, you might need to set small time monitoring your comments to prevent negative and irrelevant messages that can affect your online presence.

  1. Traffic Source

Since blogs are content driven, they are more likely those that attract search engines and provide organic traffics. If you built your blog very well, as a pitch page together with your contents, you can gain enough traffic to promote your brand.

  1. Niche Community

Blogs are like community sites such as forums and social network. People coming to your blog site are most likely those interested with the niche of the brand that you are promoting, especially if the visits are coming from search engines. Blogs can help you build a reputation within your brand niche where your target markets are more visible.

  1. SEO Friendly

Unlike some online communities, some blogs provide do follow links which are good impressions to search engines especially if the sites are with higher page ranks.

Unless customized, blog builders nowadays like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal all have SEO modules or plugins to modify Meta tags such as title, description and keywords. Drupal has more option for SEO tags like customized abstract, canonical URL, setting robots and putting image labels. These tags are very essential, the title and descriptions are the texts being displayed to the search engine results.

  1. Sharing Gateway

Blogs are usually more ‘personal’ and can be a great medium to entice your readers to share your articles. In this way, your blog will be your gateway to expand your network and allowing your readers again to be part of this expansion. You can use all in one sharing applications like “Share It” or “Add This”, these tools can also track statistics for your reference.

Creating a blog site is already an easy task to many; and the more available blogging platform like WordPress does not require a lot of technical knowledge. Just choose an attractive theme, post quality images and make sure relevant contents, then you are ready to gain high traffics.

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