Thursday, 24 March 2011

How Facebook Can Be Useful for SEO

Everyone wants their websites to be search engine optimized or SEO effective. A search engine optimized website has the dominance among other websites and has higher chances to top search engine result pages (SERP). If you have a higher rank in SERP, you also have a greater chance to be visited by people.

SEO deals with how to win more votes from different search engines. Therefore, following these search engine updates and new processes is a smart step to effective SEO activities.

In connection, just a few months ago, Google considered indexing Twitter pages. This is an obvious indication that search engines are updating to give ways to social media. This is also a reasonable move as we are all aware that more and more people are now being engaged into online communities like Facebook, Bebo, Orduk and Tagged. That is, spending time to compliment your social media pages for SEO is a good investment.

Facebook as the most famous social networking site can be a nice place to aid your SEO activities. See some tips below:

1. Separate Profile Account

Unless you are promoting a portfolio site, it is better to create a separate profile account just for your brand other than just creating a fan page. This is to prevent posting personal status that might mislead your followers.

If you will search the net, your profile and fan page accounts are what will appear on search engine results. Thus, branding the profile account that will maintain your corporate fan page will help you gain good search engine reputation.

2. Profile / Page Information

Maximize the spaces provided for profile or page information. Make sure to put relevant descriptions for your brand and display your website links. Search engines are still crawling these contents despite the links are nofollow.

3. Username

Be creative with your username but do not put all your target keywords. Prevent using a long fan page name, this might drive fans away. You can just use your brand name or the main service that you are offering because these are the possible keywords that your target customers might search for.

4. Resource Box

Your resource box is the compilation of your notes, links and videos. Put relevant contents and links to your website pages. Put videos and images for every text contents, this can also increase your click through and entice your fans to leave comments.


Be a fan of pages related to your niche especially those that have established huge number of “likes” already. These big fan pages are more visible in search engines. Therefore, writing comments on their walls can increase your visibility within Facebook network and help you promote your own profile or fan page. In addition, you can be an aid to them by contributing contents to their pages.

6. Invest Time to Update Your Wall Posts

If possible, invest time daily to update your wall posts. With billions of Facebook users that are online every day, we can say that it is being updated every minute. Therefore, if you really want to grow your profile network and fan page “likes”, it is vital that you always post relevant updates on your wall.

Also, post links and videos pointing to your website. This can increase traffics and help search engines to determine the relevance of your website.

Growing your Facebook profile network or fan page “likes” to compliment your SEO activities is a two-way reward for you. This will establish your brand not only to promote dominance in search engines but to develop supremacy in social media as well.

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