Monday, 14 March 2011

How to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Everyday, billions of users are online in Facebook, some are even addicted to it, spending so many hours chatting with others, watching videos, posting photos and more.

Facebook as the biggest social networking site is a good place to market your brand. Hence, having a Facebook account or fan page is not enough to reach out to your target customers. To grow your fan page, you need to know the right ways in promoting it.

Below are some effective tips that you may do:

  1. Resource Page
    It is like your reference page of what your business is all about.  Your box or an FBML page can be your resource page. Your box consists of your links, videos and notes; while FBML is a web page coded in basic HTML and FBML syntaxes.

  2. Empowering the Fans
    Know your influencers and empower them by giving rewards and thanks to them. Post comments to their walls, tag them to your videos or images to make them feel their importance.

  3. Offering Something to Consumers
    People want freebies and discounts even in small forms. That is offering free coupons and discounts can encourage more fans to like your page and interact with you. This can encourage your fans to inquire, give comments and create discussions on your page. With this, the more interactions your post can get, the higher its visibility to other people.

  1. Target the Most Prominent Demographic
    Demographic is very important in marketing especially if your brand is only targeting specific customers. For example: teen colognes. Posting advices for youths about how to manage themselves well and how to choose the right colognes for them in every occasion will work.

    Demographic is also essential in advertising on Facebook. For example: if you are an outsourcing company, you may open your advertisements only on outsourcing countries like Canada, US, UK and Australia.

  1. Maximize Fan Page Profile Details and Information Box
    Put your website link and brand descriptions on your fan page profile details and information box. Your information box is not the same as your box page. This is normally the text box under your profile image. Put your link and maximize the amount of text you can put.

  2. Include Your Website Link to Your Profile Page
    Promote your page using your profile too. Even if you have suggested your page to your friends, not all of them will like it. With this, it is still better that you have your fan page featured on your wall posts and box too.

  3. Post Videos
    Video post is very attractive to Facebook users. It normally catches more attentions and encourages users to post comments about what they have watched. You can post related videos to your services, a minute or two will do just to entertain your fans.

  4. Follow Up Regarding the Comments or Posts
    Reply to your fans comments and posts. You can also send a follow up email appreciating their comments and posts on your wall.

    Be a Fan of Other Pages
    Once you became a fan of a page, your posts and comments will also be seen by the other fans of that page. You can be a fan of the groups of your target market.

  5. Promote Charity
    Putting a cause to your page can persuade people to support you and donating a certain amount to charities.

The above activities does not require a big amount of time, you can do each activity in frequency like once a day or thrice a week.


  1. You say if i like a page from my website niche for example the fans from that page will se my posts from my "like page" ?  That is preety cool! Thanks for the info, i am going to search some interesting pages related to my website topic to like! Nice tip!

  2. Saved as a favorite, I really like your website!