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Why Back Links Are the Most Important Part of SEO

What are back links? Back links are inbound links to your website from external sites. You want as much traffic as possible coming to your site and building links is a vital part this. If done properly, link building can produce amazing results.


Why are back links important?

- They improve the amount of traffic and, more importantly, the quality of traffic to your website, thereby increasing sales. Your potential customers aren't going to find your site all by themselves. Links from respected websites will encourage an increasing number of visitors.

- They enhance your site's credibility and boost its visibility.

- They improve your site's ranking in search engine results because Google views sites with lots of quality inbound links as being of greater importance than those without inbound links. The better the quality of inbound links, the higher Google will rank the site.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are links mutually provided by two website owners i.e. I link to your site if you link to mine. This might initially seem to be a very easy way to generate traffic, but it's important to keep in mind that the links must be relevant and related. There's no point in having a museum website linked to a baby supplies site. Not only should the links be mutually relevant, they should also be trustworthy. Before you embark on getting reciprocal links, ensure that you only enter into arrangements with trustworthy sites. Otherwise, Google will penalize you for 'promoting' junk websites.

Types of Reciprocal Links:

Manual Editorial: Do some research and find out what sites out there would you like to be linked from. Are they relevant? Are they trustworthy? If so, make contact with the site owner and try to build up a relationship whereby you are comfortable asking him/her to do mutual linking. It might also be a good idea if you ran a background check on the website and its owner. You can do this by contracting the services of a background check company. You can also sign up to directory sites, which provide a central listing of sites with related themes.

Automatic Editorial: These come about naturally without any intervention from you. Essentially somebody out there likes your site and links to it in order to provide their customers with a beneficial resource.

Manual non-Editorial: Blogs and forums come under this category. You can post links to your site on people's guest books or blogs, always ensuring that the comments you make are real and relevant. Do not cross over into spam territory.

Back Link Bombing

Although setting up numerous websites and linking all of them might seem like a great idea, Google is way ahead of you. If Google discovers (and it will) that there are multiple sites linking back and forth to each other from the same IP address, Google will penalize you, and you'll find yourself way down in their rankings. Of course, a link here and there between your own sites is perfectly acceptable, but there shouldn't be a pattern of multiple links.

Building high-quality links is a vital part of any SEO campaign and you should, therefore, set aside a lot of time to work on this aspect of SEO.

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