Thursday, 21 April 2011

3 main Aspects To Focus On In 2011 According To Matt Cutts

The question Matt Cutts answers in this video should make all the SEO check on their strategies for the year. He mentions 3 points which should be focused in 2011 from the SEO perspective.

1. Work On Your Site Speed

Though the site speed a very small ranking factor but it has large implications from the User Experience perspective. If the page load times of your site are high inspite of getting the traffic you miss out on the conversion which is the main goal of the campaigns which get such targeted traffic to the site. It increases the bounce rate which again gives negative signals to the search engines.

2. Tune and Control Your  CMS, The Internal Navigation And Links And Educate The Team On The Importance Of SEO

Matt Cutts points out the importance of working on the CMS , setting up a good site architecture with consistent  internal link structure and also educating everyone in the team about the importance of search engines and SEO.

3. Participate In Social Media

Once you have a good site with quality content then you need to promote it and have a wider outreach which is possible through social media in 2011. Keep a holistic view about SEO and Social Media.


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