Monday, 18 April 2011

Google Search is Now More Personal and Instant

Google has a wide variety of services and APIs to offer. It is even the most dominant among other search engines.

  • Gmail has the largest space to offer, more than 7G in just one account.

  • Google chrome although young is now following Firefox as the most used web browser.

  • Google tools such as Analytics, Webmaster Tools and other APIs are some of the mainly reliable tools for many web developers.

  • Since many online users prefer Google for searches, some SEO specialists and web developers tend to spend more attentions with it and determine success if their keywords are consistently appearing on page 1 of its SERP.

With the above benefits, it is interesting for many to keep track of Google’s updates. For the past few months, Google has made several changes with their search engine algorithms. See below:

1. Google Instant

Google can already display instant results even faster as the user types in search box. It predicts completion and stream results. It automatically searches based on the URL and the body content of the indexed websites. As per blog announcement, features of Google Instant are as follows:

    1. Predictions - Google predicts your query keywords as you type.

    2. Dynamic Results - Relevant search results quickly interrelate to the web content as you type.

    3. Scroll to Search – As you type, Google will not only display keyword predictions but list number of predictions.

Google Instant

 2. Instant Preview

To activate Instant preview, click the magnifying glass in the list of Google query results. If you will observe, Instant Preview provides 4 screenshots of the website’s homepage and highlight contact details like email, social media accounts and address. If it is a video, you will see 4 random captures and the video’s descriptions.

Website Instant Preview
Website Instant Preview

  Video Instant Preview
Video Instant Preview

3. Personal Block List

If you already visited a website and return to Google to do research again, a link “Block all <your URL> results” will appear. The next time you search the same keyword, the link will be hidden from the page results. It is like having your personal list of results for a certain keyword to eliminate links that you think is irrelevant to your needs.

Google Personal Block List

According to Google, these new changes can decrease user’s time in searching and scanning results. You will not need to type the full keywords as Google can already predicts possible terms and results. The loading of search results and stream predictions are also real time as you type. If what you need already appears on the search results even before finishing typing your keywords, you save time to complete your query and to click the “”Search” button.

In addition, if you are able to preview videos or websites even before directly visiting the sites, you can save time in eliminating results that you think are not essential to you. And as you added a non-vital link to your block list, you will save time to eliminate them again the next time you search for the same keywords.


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