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Make Your Ecommerce Site Useful and Effective to your customers

The internet has made so many things easier these days. We are now able to buy and order several stuffs in a few clicks of our mouse. We are now able to communicate and interact with various people from different corners of the globe with much ease compare to 5 years ago.

A lot of impossibilities before are now possible online. That is, more and more people are getting engage into online activities, they search and surf, they chat, and they upload media files to share and more. Even businesses are investing time and capital in promoting and selling their services and brands online.

It is now almost necessary for every company to establish their own websites. Many are even putting up dynamic ecommerce websites. Hence, not all find success in doing so and several businesses who invested so much amount for their websites failed. Their ecommerce sites ended up being not useful and ineffective. These failures are due to forgetting some points.

If you are a business owner or a web developer, normally everything will start with what you want see in your sites and with what are your end goals. However, the success of an ecommerce site is not only with how functional and how attractive a  websites can be. It is with how we empower our users and how we entice our target markets to buy our brands.

If you want an effective ecommerce site, you have to give your customers an environment and experiences that they will like and as most of all they can trust. See some tips below:

  1. Establish a Trustworthy Looking Site
    The looks of your website is the very first thing that your visitors will consider before trusting you as a brand, it is the shop front of your ecommerce business. Take time to study the website colors, layout, navigation, product displays and contents before proceeding to development. Also, you may can ask others for their reviews and comments before the proper launch of your e-business.


    On the other hand, despite that you sure of your website’s security, displaying security certifications such as BBB or Verisign can help to gain your customers trust and assurance.

  1. Establish Trustworthy Activities
    There are many ways you can put off a visitor on your site, and there are certain ways to make them feel unsafe which you need to avoid. See below:


    • Too Much Information Being Asked
      Never ask confidential information such as Social Security Number or Tax Number if not necessary.


    • Unsecured Web Address
      A secured and encrypted web address is in “https” protocol while a normal one is in just in “http”. Many online users are already aware of this. If possible use this encrypted web address not only for payment but for every pages that are requesting for a customer’s personal information like registration forms.


    • Payment Process Took So Much Time
      Payment process may take so much time if you require so much information before proceeding to checkout. Make ways to summarize everything in fewer pages. Also, putting third party payment gateways such as PayPal, MoneyBookers and can lessen the transaction time. Some users are even trusting to use these gateways than inputting their credit card numbers and billing information.

  2. Be an Immediate Support
    Immediate response and issue resolution can give you higher customer satisfactions instead of disappointments despite of the issue that they have encountered in using your website. If there is problems with the site, be the first to address this, and aim to keep your customers


    satisfied at the same time.

    There are several medium that you may use in order for your customers to easily connect with you; via email, social media and the mostly used, livechat. Also, there are customers that are more convenient in other avenues of communication like Phone and Fax.

  1. Resources Area
    Your resources area can be your blog site, FAQ and support pages. It will not only add relevant contents to your website for search engine promotion. It will also lessen your actual support time for livechat, email and more. If your customers are aware of your resources area, before giving you a call or chat, they can refer first to these pages.

  1. Secure Your Customers Rights
    There are contracts that are too rigid and so much in favor for the provider. In legality, there’s nothing wrong with it and it is just to protect your brand. Signing or subscribing customers for normal websites usually do not mind reading the contracts and terms of service. Hence, you are dealing with an ecommerce site where there are buying transactions. Your customers might demand their rights before buying; such as shipping safety, money back guarantee and product warranty. Buying customers nowadays are getting smarter, that is, they will obviously not buy an unsecured product.

If you want your ecommerce site to be useful and effective, giving time to establish the dos and don’ts in taking good care of a customer, always keep your customers in mind, and aim to keep them satisfied.

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