Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Web Hosting Architecture for Complete Newbies

If you’re a newbie web designer that wants to set up a website then you need to read this. Don’t feel bad because you’re a newbie either because we all started there. If you want to make a website and put it on the internet then you should first try to understand a few basics about web hosting before you do. It basically all boils down to having a web server to host your website on. You can either establish your own server, but the costs and maintenance are normally not in your favor if you’re just trying to host a website. Server equipment is expensive and you will need somebody who knows what they are doing to maintain your server if you can’t.

Your Web Host Can Be Your Beast of Burden

Instead of going to all this trouble on your own you can simply sign up with a web hosting service, and they’ll take care of servers and maintenance so you don’t have to. It’s enough work to run a successful website so pass the hosting burdens off to a professional web hosting company. They will have all the necessary equipment and can provide backend software to help you build your website.

The actual web servers reside at the hosting company and will be constantly maintained so you can focus on your most important tasks. They’re responsible for your site, files, and pages maintenance on the servers.

Good Hosting Saves You Time and Is Easy On Your Bank Account

A web hosting company will usually charge a small monthly fee. You can easily find a good hosting plan for about ten dollars a month though. In return for this fee they will provide the service of storing your site and making sure it can be seen online. Most web hosts have reliable and robust servers too which will make sure lots of internet traffic gets to your site.

If you’re trying to start a website for the first time then you will definitely want to find a good web hosting service to assist you in your individual or business pursuits online. Don’t think you have to take on the responsibility of setting up your own server for a business site. Shift this burden to an established web host and you won’t have any major problems or technical difficulties to struggle through compared to having your own servers. It can be a daily chore to maintain a server and the small price you can pay for good hosting far outweighs this extra time sink.

Benefits Outweigh the Negatives

Sign up for web hosting and you’ll get reliable service for a good price, customer service with knowledgeable staff, and pass technical functions over to them so you don’t have to worry about it every day.

Once your site is hosted online then you can upload any updates you make straight to their servers with a free FTP client. Start designing your website and begin putting your content online for the world to see. When things get moving for you and your website, and you graduate from being a newb, then you can always upgrade your hosting plan to fit the needs of your site and its demands.

Chris Hampton is a Desktop Publisher based in Boston. He’s also a freelance writer for various blogs and enjoys reading criminal investigation stories.


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  1. Good article.  I think many people might be leery of getting professional web hosting.  I hope your article clears up some of the confusion and allows more people to feel comfortable with getting their site online today.