Monday, 11 April 2011

What do Wordpress and Joomla Have in Common?

As the Internet develops at such an incredible rate, the field of web design is expanding rapidly, as well. The main reason behind this expansion of web design is that more and more businesses nowadays acknowledge the fact that their entire reputation stands on their website and its capabilities.

Having a website is much more than just advertising a product, a service or an item. It really helps boosts the company’s profile, and it really speaks to the target audience. This is the modern way to talk to clients, understand their needs and adapt to them.

So what do environments such as Wordpress and Joomla have in common? Why are they the most searched tools when it comes to building up a company’s name? What makes them rise above other competitors?


The two platforms meet on common ground when it comes to what they are able to deliver, and that is the ability to serve their user in creating an environment where the image of the business can be illustrated. The main difference between them is that they have different approaches when it comes to their functions.

Wordpress gives you the opportunity to build up a blog where you can adapt the features according to your needs and requirements, whereas Joomla is a portal that allows you to build up an entire network consisting of forums, galleries, a newsroom and of course a membership area. It really depends on the purpose of your business.


Another great common ground of the two possibilities is the capability of handling features or extensions, or more commonly known as plugins. This type of adaptability permits huge improvements to the general template, which, in turn, allows you to be different from all the other websites or blogs out there.


Search engine optimization can be implemented to both environments making them more illustrated to the general public. This way, there is a higher degree of certainty when it comes to your site popping up in the front lines when the users show interest in it. If you decide to implement the customization you will clearly benefit from it, and your company’s reputation will go through the roof.

What is the purpose?

The only real difference between the two of them is the purpose for which they were created. This is the first aspect that you need to figure out before actually going forth with creating your website. It will be very helpful to know what you need, and it will help you save money, time and energy. This will allow you to focus those resources to other areas that require them. Remember that you need to be different from your competition if you want to win in your field.

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