Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Five Ways to Capture Full Web Pages

Having the convenience of being able to capture screenshots cannot be underestimated. MBA Students writing presentations for course work will benefit greatly from this kind of application. Web designers cannot be without the ability to capture complete web pages. Here are five methods to accomplish these indispensable screen capture tools. I found that having an array of screen capture tools made my ability, to compose training materials for my on line web design training manual, a breeze. Not only were these tools simple to use but they made sharing the screen shots with others even easier.

Many busy professionals do not want to pile more software applications on their computers, just to capture one screen shot. Never fear, I can point you to a web site just for this scenario. Go to Capturefullpage.com. When on this home page, simply type in the URL in the text box provided and a full web page screen shot will be made. It is packaged much like a post card.

I am a big fan of Mozilla and Firefox. This is a wonderful web browser that is much more secure for internet browsing. The add-on software is dynamic and is always being upgraded. One of the free add-ons is called Screengrab . This Firefox extension will appear as a little button with its own drop down menu that offers the options of grabbing a full web page, just a part of a web page or just the portion that is visible at a given moment. There is also an option to do a right-click at any moment for a screen grab. This nifty little tool is available on Firefox extension repository.

I have had the pleasure of downloading Google Chrome and in this much touted web browser from Google there is an extension that enables users to save a full web page in a split second. An even more exciting feature of the Google Chrome WebPage Screen Shot tool is that, once it is captured, there is an edit function that allows picture editing, text writing, drawing and emailing to others for sharing. How about that for cool?

For those who love their Macs there is the tools exclusively for capturing web pages and it is another free application. It is only compatible with the Operating System X and it is called Paparazzi. The dialogue box has a URL text box where the web address can be cut and pasted. There are size boxes and crop boxes as well as a delay box to snap the shot in a chosen delay time. The large Capture button can also be used manually. At the bottom of the capture tool is a bar that gives the option to ‘Save Image As,’ to a destination on the computer hard drive.

Another powerful and free screen capture application is available at Ducklink.com. This application is available on Windows and Mac operating systems. I really liked the options this tool provides which are much like the preview tool on a Mac. It can size a selection on the web page. It can capture a polygon shaped selection, the entire page or a chosen window, to name a few options. There are also annotation tools for adding arrows, rectangles and text. Video editing can be taken to another level with full web page screen shot components now available with a wide variety of editing features, documentation features and sizing features. I am very pleased with these options since it allows me to be creative and instructive with full web page screen shots as these options give immense power and versatility to any web or video design.

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