Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How Twitter helps in increasing website traffic

Twitter is a social media site that is used to increase website traffic within few days. Twitter has become the top most social networking site being used for increasing traffic. You can use it to popularize your site and get good results for it. Twitter has different features, designs and popularity in terms of its usage. At the start people were a little hesitant as to use twitter but when people started talking about it they started to gain interest in learning about it. As people got aware about its different features they acquired interest and started to use it.

There are some steps which are to be followed so that the results can be positive, these are:

  1. Sign up and create a profile- in your profile you can show people what all you are doing, include information that is relevant to your site.

  2. Follow targeted people- you should always follow people those can be proved helpful to you, some of those who you know will surly like your product.

  3. Update your tweets regularly- you should always keep on updating your tweets so that people can know that you are a regular participator of it.

  4. Use link on your tweets- you should always try to use link on your updated tweets and those links should navigate you to your site you are working for.

  5. Post an eye-catchy image- it can be a logo of your company or any other attractive or funny image, it is not necessary that it should be your picture only.

  6. Display tweets on your website- you can also display twitter updates on your website.

  7. Regular participation will help you grow each day- once you have a good list of followers and are updating tweets it will just help you grow more and more.

  8. Using Echofon plug-in- you can always make use of echofon which more convenient and you will be aware of all the updates being done.

It is one of the most interesting ways to increase traffic of your site, as you just need to create a list of good followers rest all work is done by them. Just tweet about every little activity being done by you.

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