Thursday, 19 May 2011

Inside Search - A New Blog Launched By Google

Today Google has announced the launch of one of their new blogs, in the quest to help us searchers find the answers to what we are looking for on the web.

inside searchGoogle states " The thirst for knowledge is as old as humanity", everyday millions of queries are searched, we are always looking to seek new knowledge, find answers to missing links, and carry out important researches and surveys. With the technology of the internet now, all this can be done within minutes online.
Inside Search will be focused more on search aspect of the web, giving regular updates to Googles algorithms and features, along with news and stories from their search engineers.

A blog totally focused on Search (Googles Key Product & Service) is a great insight for all SEOs, Marketers, and online businesses, as it shows the importance of ranking organically in search results, and also gives an overview to how Google and their engineers work with search.

You can find the total list of Google Blogs on their blog directory link here:

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