Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Popularity of Shortened URL

Shortened URLs are now very useful online. They are normally generated links composed of random characters like http://www.bit.ly/FwEYa, http://www.goo.gl/aWmKl or http://www.tinyURL.com/ajYoP.

Despite that these links do not display words with sense as they are just random characters, most of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are using them as they save character spaces and are more convenient to share.

For this reason, several new shortener applications emerged and are continuously being enhanced. Even Google recently announced new updates to their URL shortener, http://www.goo.gl

Goo.gl automatically highlights generated links for copy. Upon successful shortened URL, click copy or just press ctrl + c. It also already has a manageable dashboard where you can see all your shortened links, you can also delete links you do not want and just leave those you like.

Short UrlsAnother feature of goo.gl is spamming reporting, http://www.goo.gle/spam-report. This is because shortened links are very prone to redirect to several spam sites. Goo.gl is also continuously being developed and enhanced for better speed and stability.


Other Shortened URL Applications

  1. http://www.tinyURL.com

  2. http://www.bit.ly

  3. http://www.cli.gs

  4. http://www.kl.am

  5. http://www.sn.im

  6. http://www.tr.im/

  7. http://www.budurl.com

  8. http://www.ff.im

  9. http://www.snurl.com

  10. http://www.twurl.com

  11. http://www.snipurl.com

  12. http://www.plurl.com

  13. http://www.ow.ly

  14. http://www.budURL.com

  15. http://www.adjix.com

  16. http://www.short.ie

  17. http://www.tinyarro.ws

  18. http://www.POPrl.com

  19. http://www.yourown.com

With the above list, tinyURL and bit.ly are among those mostly used URL shorteners. TinyURL was the first default shortener of Twitter then it became bit.ly. Despite that shortened URLs do not contain keywords for SEO; they are most likely gaining more clicks than the original long URLs. This is because most online community sites especially those Social Media websites are using shortened URLs.

Besides the major platforms using shortened URLs, business and individual can also use short versions of URL, if they want to share certain links with their friends and family.
We at Alrayes most of the time use Goo.gl to shorten long URLs to send to clients for reviews and also sharing information, it also makes your email look more presentable.

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