Monday, 20 June 2011

3 Simple Steps to Building Your Presence with Comments

As part of diverting traffic to your site and building your presence online one of the most effective ways of building your presence, is going to other large websites within your niche, and commenting on their articles and contents. This is very basic and simple technique to build your authority and presence online if done consistently.

Step One:

Search for famous blogs with high traffic within your industry, you can see if the blog is active, if they are publishing articles regularly, and if visitors are being active on their site by leaving comments and sharing their articles on Twitter and other social media profiles. You can quickly get a feel if this blog has a bit of authority on the web when you are on there.

Step two:

Subscribe to their blog, it's simple, all you need to do is look for a button like this or an RSS link, and paste it into your favourite reader, such as Google Reader (which is what I use)

Once you have subscribed to their blog, every time they update their site with a new article, within minutes your reader will be updated, and you can read their latest article.

Step 3

Now you have read an article from that blog, if you feel you can comment on that article by leaving a Valuable comment or feedback, which would also enhance the article, than do so. Open the article up, leave a comment, filling out the details required.

Also if an article is useful and you feel that others would also benefit from this article, Tweet the article on Twitter, and also share it on Facebook, along with any other networking profiles you may have.

Commenting and sharing articles on the web, will not give you overnight success, and nor will you be able to totally build your online presence by doing above, but if it's done consistently it will contribute towards building your presence online.

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