Tuesday, 21 June 2011

E-Commerce and the Internet Industry

The internet is the interconnection of different computers to share, to exchange and to download data. It is growing and updating rapidly fast. Via the internet, new ideas were made possible to ease our everyday living via enhancement of information technology and telecommunications; various websites were developed, online communities and several e-commerce sites.

E-Commerce as among those brilliant ideas developed successfully brought several concrete entities such as airlines, hotels, shopping stores, banks and more in only a few browses in your computer. Ecommerce is the process of doing business online; usually there are money transactions such as online shopping.

Online Booking Travel and Hotel Reservations
Online booking is now part of the norms in several countries. It is now easier and even cheaper to book and reserve airline seats online. In a few browsing and clicks, you can skip the hassles of driving to airline booking centers and wait for the reservation consultants to advise you.

Also, there are several agencies that offer travel and tours package. This includes the board and lodging reservations. No need to collect tour leaflets, price lists and quite a lot of telephone travel inquiries.

Online Stores and Auction Buying
We can now sell so many things online. Some even sell themselves and found success in doing so. Buy and sell is the basic logic behind every business, and now via the power of the internet, we can already sell and buy almost anything we want in the convenience of our computer and handy phones.

There are so many shopping and auction sites online. Despite that we cannot physically touch and check the products before buying or ask personnel, many prefer to buy online and spend their time to more productive activities like work or bonding with their love ones.

Online Banking
Most established banks now are offering many ecommerce benefits for their account holders. You can now check you account balance, deposit and even withdraw at the ease of your finger tips. You can use your account balance to shop online, transfer or deposit money to other accounts, pay your bills and even load prepaid accounts like phone or train cards.

Online TV and Radio Streaming
Aside from the popularity of Youtube and Ustream, you can now watch on your computers or handy phones your favorite TV programs or listens to your much loved DJs on radios. Some internet providers are offering these services for free specially the radio streaming, others as part of a promo and some just like an ordinary broadband service that is payable monthly.

Online Gaming
Games are fun and addictive, much more if you will be able to interact with other players. That is the strength of games online; you can interact, talk and chat real time with the other players.

Forex Trading
Online stocks and currency trading is a great place to invest. Just by always being updated with the latest currency rates and being smart, you can make millions out of forex trading.

The internet has been very powerful with the emergence of several e-commerce websites; and everyday, several impossibilities are being made possible.


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