Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Is your business in Local Search Results

When building a website at time we forget the local market and aim to market and target our website for a more international audience, which at times can be quite difficult and if not time consuming, by doing so, we forget about the local business that we can approach and target our business words.

As well as marketing and positioning ourselves for a larger international market, we should not forget the local business that we can tap into. One of the easiest and most effective way to do this is to ensure that your business is listed in local directors, and also in local search results.

When you launch your website take some time out to feature your new business in local directors like below:

  • Google Places

  • Bing Local Listing

  • BT Tradespace

  • Yell.com

and other local directors that you may be familiar with in your area.

Benefit of Local Search listing:

There are many benefits of listing your website/ business in local search results such as:

  • Over 70% of searchers are looking for local products / services that they can purchase or attend to.

  • More and more users are searching the internet for products than scrolling through a book of directories.

  • Local Listings help locate exactly where you are based, so that your visitors can find directions and visit you with ease.

  • Local Listings show up better in search results.

  • Its free, it doesn't cost you anything to list your business. You can just go for a basic free entry.

  • Tap into your local market and traffic.

Its always a good idea to ensure that your site is optimised for local search results, as you may rank quite well, and generate good business from your local market compared to trying to compete for a more international awareness. It's easier to start locally and build your presence one step at a time.

What to do once your site has been listed?

Once your site has been approved in local directories, and you have setup your profile, its best not to forget about it, especially those directories where there is potential to tap into some good traffic. What you can do is work on enhancing your profile, so that it looks attractive, such as:

Reviews: get your local customers to review your business on such directories, this way your profile listing will seem active and in some directories, may also be featured on their home page.

News & Events: Some profiles allow you to add your news and events announcements on them, by doing so you are announcing your news to a new audience and potently new traffic. Some even allow you to add your Blog feed, which is good, so every time you update your blog, you local directory profile will also be updated.

Images & Videos: If there is an option to add videos and and images do so, you could add your work portfolio, office images and videos, events pictures, anything.



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  1. Local search is extremely imortant.  This is especially true now that more and more people are browsing on a mobile device.  The majority of mobile searches are for local information.