Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Why a Search Engine Advertising Company Must Stay Ahead of the Curve

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Experts at every decent search engine advertising company will readily, and probably proudly, admit that a huge portion – upwards of 70% - of all search-engine generated traffic comes from free, “natural” search engine rankings. This is common knowledge in the industry, as is the resultant need for effective search engine optimization. And the basics of that are well-known too. So all the major players in the world of SEO and search engine advertising are aware of these same principles, how does anyone win the best “natural” and ad rankings? SEO advertising firms have to get an edge by staying ahead of the search engine technology curve and employing a more robust basket of SEO and advertising strategies.

Take simple search ranking, for example. The old ways based ranking for a term based on relatively simple algorithms that evaluated a page’s title, meta description and keywords, content quality, number of quality inbound links from quality sites, and the relevance of those inbound links. If a page on your site had the best performance based on these criteria, it would be on Google’s first page for the targeted keyword. But the major search engines, Google and Bing, have been improving their web-crawlers and making their approach to ranking far more intricate in order to provide users with more organic and accurate results. So any search engine advertising company that wants its clients to outperform their competitors on search ranking has to be ahead of the curve in understanding the other things that these search giants have factored in.

There are two approaches that they use simultaneously to remain innovative and thus effective. The first is constantly testing and improving their implementation of known strategies. For example, they have the best quality SEO content and combine it with the results of testing various keywords for a given subject and various keyword densities to produce articles that search engines rank as being “higher quality,” so back links from getting those articles posted on quality sites will have a larger impact.

The second part of how a search engine advertising company continues to succeed is by pushing its marketing and tech staff to constantly test and improve every aspect of their approaches. This includes finding new and better ways to optimize and update sitemaps, learning about and developing new digital media formats that contribute to link backs and drive traffic, analyzing and utilizing social media strategies, and integrating site SEO with other marketing strategies for a beneficial synergies. This list is hardly exhaustive, but is indicative of the gamut of techniques needed for search engine optimization to offer a worthwhile return on investment in the mature world of SEO marketing.

Anything less than the best merging of the newest web 2.0 approaches with the most tested strategies from a search engine advertising company and they will quickly fall behind, failing to help their clients meet their goals.

 Hal Williams is a California native and Search Engine optimization copywriter who regularly contributes articles on current search engine marketing trends

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