Monday, 29 August 2011

Attracting Customers with a Website Makeover

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There is nothing more attractive to a customer than a well-manicured web site. Out of date, boring, or bland web sites show a customer nothing more than a company who doesn’t care much about their public appearance. Since this is obviously not the message you want to convey to them, updating your web site and adding new, fresh information can make your company more appealing to consumers and business associates.

One of the first places to start when updating your web site is with the main page. Since this is the first thing a visitor will see, you want to grab their attention from the beginning and encourage them to keep reading and learning about your company. The main page isn’t a place to put your company profile, or a long list of the products and services you offer – that’s what links are for. The main page is where you will shortly describe your company and include contact information. This makes finding a way to contact you less of a hassle.

From your web site’s main page, you should include links to sections like “About Us” and “Products”. An “About Us” section on your web site helps the consumer learn about your company and what sets it apart from others similar to it. Include an informative background on your company and how it got started. You aren’t trying to write a novel here, just relate to the customer and show them that you are a real company made up of real people. The “Products” page is pretty explanatory – you list your products here. Many companies opt not to include prices because they change often or they wish to be able to explain to the customer why their price is so high.

Employee profiles are a great way to show how much a company values their employees. They also let the customer get to know the person, or people, they will be working with in the future. This can set many concerned customers at ease to know a little about the person who will soon show up at their home. Many times, it also helps to include pictures and profile descriptions of persons in the office, too. This allows the customer to get a visual of the person they’ve been speaking with over the phone or online.

Updating your web site can keep old customers interested as well as attract new ones. With the internet being the number one source to find businesses, having an up-to-date web site can be vital in attracting new customers.

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