Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Backup Your MySQL Database

Having the latest version of your MySql database can be a life saver for your online business, especially if your running an eCommerce or a CMS website which relies heavily on the database, as it's the backbone of the whole site structure, where all the entries, products, articles, content of your site, you name it is all stored on these databases. This is what generally hackers tend to attack when hacking into your website.

Having the latest version of your database will give you a peace of mind, IF anything was to happen to your site, you will be able to restore the contents of your website quickly and easily. Many business would rely on the developers to do a backup, which is fine, but i would urge you to take control of your own site, and ensure that you have the correct backing up procedures in place.

Backup Using The Alrayes cPanel

Backup Using PHP  MyAdmin

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