Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Get The Best Out Of Your Blog

Writing a blog is very easy – but making people read it is another thing. Getting started with blogging entails you to also promote and market your ideas to create interaction between you and your readers or fellow bloggers.  So whatever purpose why you started your blog, it is imperative that you create online traffic for it to actually “exist” in the World Wide Web.


Here are some things that you might want to take into account if you want to build a blog:

  • Expertise – at least, write one topic where you are an expert about. This way, it will be very easy to share and expound your conversations. Besides, people will be more interested when you know what you are talking about

  • Although expertise is good, it is also important to create a topic where people will WANT to read it.  Write something current, something first or just something a lot of people can relate to, but please don’t write about your dog or your girlfriend.

  • Usefulness - create a topic that is useful or instructional. This kind of post will create long term or timeless traffic because of its value as a resource topic.

  • Simplify – making complicated issues more understandable to the common-folk is big plus. People seeking clarification on such complex topics usually prefer simplified versions when searching the net.

  • Know the Traffic – social networks, newsletters, RSS, searches and other blogs are great sources to “jumpstart” traffic. Choose one or two that works well with how you work.

  • Good Headlines – using “how to’s”(like the one above) and titles with numbers usually help.

  • Ping – are services that give you the opportunity to automatically inform blog directories and search engines about your blogs update. There are various ping services around the net, search one that works for you.

  • RSS Feed to directories – RSS or really simple syndication is a web feed format that is used to publish frequently updated works like blogs. Submit to huge directories like Yahoo, Technorati and many others.

  • Email Broadcast/subscription – communication encourages engagement and Interaction. Just make sure to open your emails.

  • Optimize for search engines- these steps include:

    • Establish a keyword in you URL to optimize

    • Put the keyword in you title of your post

    • Establish a second keyword and place in the body of your post

    • Employ keywords in your anchor text of links in the body of your post

  • Post more – publishing more frequently will create more index for your content from search engines.

  • Join a community - MyBlogLog, MySpace, LinkedIn, Xing and others are examples of these communities to get noticed and get quality traffic.

  • Create Relationships with readers – you are devoting time after all for your readers so communicate with them earnestly. As questions in others post, be active and start civilized discussions, leave comments and ask them to look at your blog. Participate in related blogs and forums.

  • Translator – let’s face it - not everybody is very fluent with the English language. To get worldwide coverage, you would definitely need a translator plug-in.

  • Links – build links that point to your blog. You can also build links to your email signature, especially if you’re using Gmail, where you can use Wisestamp.

  • Conduct Surveys and polls – people just loooove to give their own opinions. Surveymonkey is a tool in creating one.

  • Make A Good Profile – creating a good profile in Google will increase your chances of creating interest.  Include links to your blog, website, social networks and products.

  • Pictures/Videos– do not limit your post to mere text only. A little eye candy helps create interest.

  • Have relevant Ads that are, as much as possible, better than your content.

  • Create an excellent design – more often, some viewers take notice of your blog/web design before your content. Make your creativeness worthwhile and put a little effort in making an attractive blog.

  • When writing articles, submit it to Ezinearticles - that way, keyword searches in that site will point back to your blog.

  • Research – learn and absorb good ideas from other people. That way, you can also recreate, re-invent new ideas too for your blog.

  • Personality – differentiate yourself.  Build a character that will identify you from all others. Be wild, be random, be controversial or be unique. Take risk and see what happens.

  • And lastly, be patient.  Creating traffic may take a while so just follow the tips and relax! Happy Blogging!

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