Saturday, 3 September 2011

How to setup Google Alerts

Have you ever wondered how you can keep up to date and stay in touch with what’s happening on the web? Well there is, a simple tool you can use by Google, and its Free.

I use Google alerts for my business, and I’m sure many others do, to be kept informed of the latest trends on the web. So what is Google Alert:

“Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) Based on your choice of query or topic.” – Google

So every time Google, which matches your query, indexes some new content you get informed. Isn’t this good way of keeping an eye on your completion.

How to use Google Alerts and get the best out of it?


Keywords is something what we all look for, when we start to use Google Alerts. By just adding general keywords, most probably you will end up with information that is not very useful; to solve this issue its best to use the filter tools and get the best results. By tracking keywords you can get information about your industry and niche. See what’s new, what your competition are doing, and also be the first to take part in the online conversation, to put your brand out there.

When setting up Google alerts, setup couple of your main keywords that you would like to rank for, rather than just setting up one or two general keyword.

Alert your self:

Setup alerts for your brand name, your name, and general things related to your business. So that when your name or brand is mentioned on the web you are informed. This way you can again keep up to date and get straight involved in the online conversation.

By knowing when your name or brand is mentioned on the web, you can take action straight away, which will also show others that you are aware of situations, you are onto of your game, and at the same time you can control your brand image.

Track your Competitors

Just like how you are tracking your self, see what your completion is up to.  Again by having the knowledge of what your competition is up to at your figure tips, you can plan your marketing, your business activates.

Find Customers

A neat way of using Google Alerts is finding new customers, sometimes you get customers that post out messages in blogs and forums that they are looking for and thing, or they need help with something. If you can set up an alert to be delivered to you when Google indexes such phrase. Wala you have a potential lead, you just need to follow it up.

You can get a full user guide on how to set up Google alerts here: Getting Started Guide



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