Monday, 12 September 2011

Where is your mailing list?

When I first started online, one of the mistakes I made was I did not start to build my mailing list. The business and communication was all done my sites, which was okay, but what about when there was no traffic to the site. I have seen many experts use an email list as a backup or a great marketing tool, to drive in traffic to the site, or to promote a product or a service.

Building your mailing list is very simple, and can do wonders, all you have to do is allow your visitors on your website to leave you their email address. Simple isn’t it. You’d think if you have a box that says “Subscribe to mailing list” that every visitor would leave you’re his or her email address. J Okay it doesn’t work quite as simple and needs some incentive or encouragement to your victors. At the end of the day you are asking them to give you something. Before we go into how to get your visitors to leave you their email address, lets look at why would you want to build a mailing list what the main benefits are.


What are the benefits of a mailing list?

Relationship: By having an active mailing list you are constantly in touch with your subscribed, by giving them insight of your organization, and updating them frequently, build a relationship and authority, along with a level of trust. As your mailing list can relay to you, and would know you to a certain extend.

Brand Awareness: By having frequent mailing tips to your list, your readers will come to know more about your brand, your products and services that you offer. Which should help generate more sales for your business.

Repeat Sales:  We all love repeat sales, or sometimes we try to look for an online store where we bought something from but cant find it any more. Having frequent mails going out can encourage your customers to buy more products of you.

Increase Traffic: Every so often you can send a mailshot with some promotion or a information about a new article that you have just posted, which will get everyone on your mailing list to come onto your website.  By Doing this frequently, you will increase your website traffic. When you notice that your website is not performing as well, or you could do with some extra traffic, if you have a good mailing list, all you need to do is send an email.

So how do you get subscribes.

Getting subscribes is quite tricky, as just put your self in your visitors shoes, would you leave your email address on every site you go? For sure I wouldn’t, I already get so much spam, and don’t need any more marketing emails or junk mails, now not saying that the mails that you would be sending out would be junk mail. This is just the conception users have online.

Below are some of the ways that I have found useful for capturing email address, which I have tested.

Offering something for free: This is probably the best technique that has worked for me. On my Personal Blog I offer a free e-Book on how to setup a successful online business, for all my subscribes, which I have put together especially for them. The free gift can be anything, to encourage your users to leave you their mailing address.

Some ideas:

  • eBooks

  • Consultation

  • Vouchers

  • Free gift from online store

  • Free Subscription

If your visitors find value in what you are offering, and they can see a benefit for them, they will subscribe to the mailing list.

Encourage your visitors: Sometimes your visitors just need that extra push to say yes they will subscribe; you can do this by positioning your mailing list in prominent places on your site. The key here is to make it easy for them and obvious. Such as:

  • Light Box pop-up

  • After each article, asking them to join your mailing list

  • On your most visited pages, such as Contact us, about us…. etc.

  • Side Bars

Ask:  If you don’t ask, you don’t get, every time you have in interaction with your customers ask them to join your mailing list. Whether it maybe a face to face conversation or an email or even on Social Media. Just like how you promote a sale of a product, there’s no harm in asking them to join, as if they join today, they may buy of you tomorrow.

Promote your business: This ones probably a no brainer, but yes, promote your product and services, the more people that know about you, the more subscribes you will get, Aim to get as many visitors to your site, and I’m sure some of them will convert into subscribers.

Bottom line, start to build your mailing list from the day you decide to go into business, even though you may not use it than, it will come in use one day for sure.

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