Tuesday, 4 October 2011

$250,000 – Microsoft’s Newest Security Strategy

Are you looking for an easy $250,000?  If you are, then you might want to look into Microsoft’s newest offering to the public.

During the Black Hat security conference, Microsoft announced its intention to provide financial rewards to programmers who are able to produce and develop newer security features to its Windows OS family.  This new scheme has been aptly called by the company as the “Microsoft Blue Hat Prize”.

The Blue Hat Prize is aimed at strengthening Microsoft’s resolve to provide its users with the most efficient means to battle the rampant spread of viruses and malwares.

In effect, Microsoft foresees this reward-system-strategy as a way to help the company develop the most effective solutions against the most potent malwares, spywares and viruses – thereby lessening the negative consequences that the latter bring along.

As of press time, it has been reported that $200,000 will go to the victor of the Blue Hat Prize competition, while $50,000 will go to the two runners-up.  MSDN Universal subscriptions valued at $10,000 each are also meant to be awarded to the lucky winners.

Microsoft believes that in order to fight off the numerous security threats that have been springing up everyday – the cooperation of all is indispensable.  And with this latest scheme, it can be reasonably expected that these nuisances just may be abated.

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