Monday, 10 October 2011

A Good Contact Us Page

Majority of the websites that you will come across on the web will have a contact us page. Whether in the main navigation or in the footer, there will be somewhere from where you can contact the administrator of that website. If not, that website has some serious flaws.

In the main structure of your website design the contact us page needs to be included, right from the early stage, as the whole purpose your business is going online so that your visitors can reach out to you, contact and communicate with you.

The contact us page does not need to be the boring  and the old Traditional page which has your telephone number and address, you can jazz it up, and make it attractive to your visitors, giving a real feel of what your company is about. The contact page should be easy to use and your visitors should feel comfortable and have confidence in your website to contact you, as if it's done correctly it will tell your visitors about your personality and brand.

Create a perfect contact us page.

- First of all, the link to your contact us page needs to be in a prominent position and easily visible on your website. Depending on the purpose of your website two ideal places to have your contact link would be in the main navigation and the footer navigation.

Good contact us page

- You can position your contact us page as a call of action on your site, such as in the banners, on the side bar, or just getting creative with how it looks in the navigation, such as displaying it in a different colour.

- On the page itself, try to move away from the standard text such as "Contact us on our details below" or "Fill out the form below and will contact you" - Okay it does the job, but it want wow your visitors, If a user has come to your website, they need to be impressed. Put some effort into your copywriting  and some words that would connect with your visitor. Every business is different, and you know what language your visitors prefer, why not use it. Make them feel that you know what they are looking for, and it's You or Your company that they need to be in touch with.

Contact Us form

- Rather than using the standard HTML form, ask your designer and developer  to build you a form that is creative and looks attractive which also blends in with the overall theme of your website. By having a  creative form, it will encourage your visitors to use it, to see how it feels plus it will look more professional on your website.

- Include your general contact information such as:

  • All of your Telephone numbers

  • Address and offices

  • contact email address

  • Fax numbers

Perfect details page

Position the above somewhere where it's easy to see on your contact us page, you do not want to hide the above contact information at the bottom of the page, somewhere in the side bar, or just under the heading is a good spot, as this is what the users have come to your contact us page for.

- Socail media links is also a must to have on your contact us page, you may have this overall in the design and theme of your website. What you can do is just mention your links such as:
Twitter: @alrayesweb
Facebook: /alrayeswebsolutions


Social Media Contact Us page

- Find a place on your contact page to display your map, so that your visitors know where exactly you are located, you can embed your Google Places map into your contact us page.  So that your visitors can easily navigate their way to you if required.

Local Listings on Contact Us page

- Not may website have this, what you can do is have your frequently asked questions or at least the top five FAQ's displayed on your contact us page, as sometimes your visitors are looking for something, as they can't find it, they usually navigate their way to the contact us page to send in their question. So if you can give them what they are looking for their and then, you are saving your time in responding to questions that have already been asked and answered before.

Contact us is defiantly one of the important pages for any website, and when working on your website take extra care to ensure that your contact us page is also perfect as this will be one of your customers gateway to contact you.

What else would you add on a contact us page, share your ideas in the comments below.

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