Thursday, 6 October 2011

Article Spinning – Going On Its Last Spin

SEO is one of the most formidable and profitable ventures that one can actually utilize in the Internet world – which is probably why the number of SEO practitioners has been growing regularly.

One aspect of SEO is article writing. And when one mentions article writing – article spinning is not that far off.

Article spinning is actually an SEO strategy where a single original article is sent to hundreds of article submission sites – despite the other copies being 90% duplicated or plagiarized.

Article spinning is actually a black hat SEO tactic that was successful in the past – but with the emergence of the newer Google Panda algorithm, this tactic is expected to lose steam within a short period of time.

Currently, numerous companies, from the small and big alike – have been penalized because of the use of such black hat SEO strategies such as article spinning.  And with the tweaked and stronger Google Panda, many more companies who still employ these dirty tactics will be punished.

And from these it can be gleaned that indeed, article spinning is going on its last spin.  It is now up to the user if he wants to risk his business for this or not.

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