Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Chime.In - The Newest Social Network: Will It Beat Facebook?

For all the fans of social networks in the world today – there is a new player in town.  And this is Chime.In.

This newest social network was actually created by Bill Gross, who is also known for creating Google Adwords.  He is also the CEO of Ubermedia, which is one of the most popular Web companies in the world.

Chime.In shares some similar characteristics with other social networks, like status or news feeds, online messaging and updates, although its creator calls his newest project an “interest network” instead of social network, because he says that the design of his network is one which is primarily focused on the interests of the user.

Aside from these interest-driven attitude of Chime.In, another great feature which makes it quite different from all others is that the network will actually share its advertising revenue to its user – which means that it just might become the favorite among bloggers and many online-job enthusiasts.

Gross says that there is still room for a new social network in an industry that has been dominated by Facebook.  And with the newer features that Chime.In brings to the world, indeed, this statement holds true.  Now, as to whether it will beat Facebook or not, only time can tell.

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