Wednesday, 26 October 2011

eCommerce Discount Voucher Module

As an online business their may be the need to give out dicscounts to your customers or certain individuals, and as we are always looking to improve our content management system. We have just launched a discount voucher module for our commerce customers. The module will allow you to create and manage discount based on percentages, which you can give out to your customers.

Reasons to offer discounts

- Sale: you may have a sale period where you want to offer all of your customers a percentage of all of your products.

- New customers: to get more business you could offer discounts to all new customers.

- Existing customers: to show appreciation to your existing customers, you could give them a voucher to apply for a percentage discount.

- Certain customers: may be you would like to offer a discount to customers only on your newsletter, or family members, or even your staff as a staff discount.

What ever the reason may be, enjoy the coming seasons by offering your customers a discount using the new module.

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