Friday, 14 October 2011

Foreign Language Internet – Effective Or Not?

As the Internet grows, so do the opportunities that arise from it.  Gone are the days when in order to succeed, English must always be used.  Presently, being multi-lingual has also become indispensable as well.

According to many experts, the number of Internet sites and companies that are succeeding by using the multi-lingual or “non-English” approach is increasing.  And many attribute these successes to the following:

-      Non-English speakers, or those who do not understand much English, tend to have a greater chance of making a purchase if the information disseminated is in their own language.

-      There are more and more foreign- speaking people who are using the Internet for E-commerce purposes, or for making purchases.

-      Keyword competition is less tedious or is less hectic when it is not English.  This is because content is less with them, and because the number of foreign keywords is significantly lower than English keywords.

In the end, many experts believe that in order to win big in the Internet industry, one must be as multi-faceted as possible.  And with the competition getting stiffer and stiffer each day, going international will surely be an advantage.  In effect, going “foreign” might just help one to succeed in the industry.

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