Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Global Social Media Revenues – Expected To Increase Even More By 2015

According to reports and researches made by numerous experts around the world – the revenues earned by Social Media is set to increase within the next several years.

Statistics show that the current Social Media market has already earned $10.3 billion this year, which consists of a 41.4% increase from the $7.3 billion revenue earned during 2010.

Experts are forecasting that by 2012, Social Media revenues will earn up to $14.9 billion – and by 2015, the revenues will be double the said amount, which means that many are expecting at least $29.1 billion by the said year.

According to the said experts, this great increase in revenues is brought about by advertisements.  This is due to the fact that many marketers are now driving their marketing efforts to social networking due to its high population and its global scale.

After advertising revenues, the next biggest contributor for Social Media is social games revenue.  These earnings are actually directly earned by networking sites from its social gamers – and with the growing number of gamers each day – this numbers are expected to increase even more.

Indeed, with the current popularity of Social Media and all the Social Networks that have been springing up globally – it can be reasonably expected that the profits and revenues expected from them will surpass all expectations.

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