Thursday, 20 October 2011

Google Adds "Flow Visualization" To Analytics

Google has recently released a new feature to Analytics accounts.  And this is called Flow Visualization.

This latest feature has been designed with graphic displays that enable Web publishers to view and control how its visitors and users are moving across their web sites.

With this feature, Web publishers are able to monitor the usage of their sites, making it easier and more convenient for them to optimize their site's contents, as well as the advertisements that go along with it.

According to Google, the Flow Visualization feature was added to Analytics in order for the publishers to understand quickly and easily the data that their sites produce.  In effect, this will make things a lot clearer and more understandable for all, even for novices.

With Flow Visualization, the visitors of sites will be viewed accordingly - even including the browsers that they are using and the geographical region that they belong in.  These flow graphics can also be sorted in different ways to suit the preference of the publisher.

To prove its abilities, Google officials presented the said feature in the Web 2 .0 summit, where they took live data from the Analytics account of a Google store - where the trends and graphs as promised, were displayed.

The Flow Visualization tool is intended to help users to further understand the numerical representations that their sites’ Analytics data have, in effect complementing them.



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