Thursday, 6 October 2011

Google Adwords To Give More Importance To Landing Page Quality

In the SEO world, Google is one of the most important companies that is in existence.  After all, the success or failure of SEO and advertising efforts primarily rest on it.

After doing some covert testing in Brazil, Spain, Portugal and other Spanish-speaking countries, Google has announced that when it comes to the Adwords Quality Store – landing pages will play a more important and heavier role.

This new change in Google Adwords will mean that ads with the most relevant landing pages to the query, despite having a lower cost per click bid – will rank higher than those who may have a higher click per bid, but have landing pages that are irrelevant or have less relevance.

According to Google, this new algorithm is meant to encourage advertisers to use a landing page with the most relevant content and keywords - with the keywords that they are actually biding on.  In effect, this will mean that landing page quality will be given more weight.

This new approach by Google is meant to ensure that the best Adwords practices are followed intently – with the promise to reward users who follow them.

Although these changes are not expected to take effect immediately – some minor differences in ad position and in the keyword quality store will be noticed.  But in two weeks time, Google is hoping to put into action the new changes that they have made.

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