Friday, 21 October 2011

Google Reader Finally Getting Its “Facelift”

Finally, Google Reader, the most popular web-based news aggregator, is getting a new look.

This “facelift” for Google reader is said to bring in a new design, coupled with an integration feature with Google+, which is the company’s social networking site.

According to Google, this newer look was made in response to the requests of numerous users from around the world.  And aside from its aesthetic effects, the change was also made for the purpose of making Google Reader and Google+ closer, making it easier for users to share their feeds to those they want to share them with.

The changes will likewise involve the cleaning of some features of the Reader, like friending, link sharing and following.  According to Google, many social features of the reader will be made available to Google+.

Now, for those who no longer intend to use the Reader, a subscription export feature can be utilized for their specific intention, whether they want to transfer their data to Google+ or if they want to remove them altogether.

At the moment, interested users can now sign up with Google+ in order to prepare for the changes.  The new changes and features are set to be in force by next week.

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