Friday, 28 October 2011

Google Tweaks Its Keyword Ranking Tool

For all the SEO and web developers out there - Google has just made new changes to its Keyword Ranking Tool.

With these new changes, users can now view competition data through texts as descriptions, instead of the usual green bars that display how competitive a keyword is.

Hence, instead of viewing those seemingly odd or even hard-to-understand green bars, text based descriptions will now help keyword researchers determine the strength of a keyword through 3 categories: High, Medium and Low.

It must be noted, however, that despite the replacement of these green bars - Google has still maintained the granularity of how the keyword rankings are designated.  Hence, users can still download reports in order to get the exact ranking number that a keyword has.  In effect, users who want more information for their keyword competitiveness results can just download reports and get what his looking for.

For those who are interested - High means a competitiveness ranking of over .67, Medium with the competitiveness ranking of .33 to .67, while Low means the competitiveness of under .33.

Indeed, with these new changes, keyword researching will become easier and more convenient for the expert and novice researchers alike - all of which are bound to put web analysis, SEO and other web-related services in a whole new level as well.

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